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Today evening while coming back home I bumped into an old neighbour of mine. That uncle and his wife have always been my favourite. Reason you will get to know from my next sentence. Uncle was kneeling down by roadside trying to feed one of our stray dogs. I remembered just yesterday my mom was telling me that uncle had just had angioplasty. I had to halt and talk to him. In reply to my basic "How are you" he started telling me in unusually small voice how that dog had been run over by our another neighbour's car and that he was feeding him some painkiller. Had it been another time I would have freaked out and flipped out. I always hated that bastard family. I used to fight with them over those stray dogs. And the fact that they are bloody non-Bengalis from north India used to make me angrier. I don't like foreign races coming into our territory and get away with criminal act and being arrogant about it. But anyway. Today was different. I had no strength to react. I …


Its been exactly a year I moved to Darjeeling. Many things have shifted in this past one year. To be honest, from mid 2017 till now my life has gone through so many major and rapid changes that if I look back I may not recognise the old me. But I guess that's a good thing. Life should never be stagnant, and so is one's personality. As for me, I am happy where I am in life right now. I am also happy about whatever happened so far. Especially last year it was so very painful. But pain or loss always brings about new beginning. And some losses are not even loss. They are actually blessings in disguise.The best thing that happened so far is that I became more self reliant. Maybe not a big deal for normal people but for an anxiety patient it is a huge achievement. I still can't make random conversation with people. Still awkward and nervous at social gatherings. Still paranoid about meeting new people. But I am not as fucked up as before. My close ones keep telling me not to be…

Gangtok Diaries/ 3

I know I am late. But I just don't bloody care.

To be continued