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Infinity War (NO SPOILER)

I don’t know what to write actually. I mean you have to be a real uncultured swine not to know the basic storyline. And saying anything more than the basic storyline would be giving out spoilers. So Thanos is this Titan who lives in the outer space. He is basically a communist with a psycho twist. He doesn’t give fuck about Economics and all. His method is simple. Kill people to keep population under check. Less population growth means more per capita prosperity. He is a man of word. He does what he believes. So for thousands of years he has been bringing ‘balance’ to several planets in the universe. Now it’s time for Earth. I mean it’s kind of surprising that Earth’s name didn’t come up sooner. However, this time Thanos is not only after Earth. He is after the Infinity Stones. When the big bang took place all the energies of the universe got separated into six crystallized form – the six Infinity Stones. And all six stones ended up scattered across the universe. Tessaract, Loki’s sce…

Alone and Well

Last night I had a spat with my mother. Well, I live in a real world where row with a dear one is not an alien topic. For some people, parents mean only lovey dovey talks with gentle forlorn undertone. They are either very lucky or bloody liars. And I am neither. So even though I speak with my mother everyday, half the times it ends up in quarrel. Now I have an advantage. I can just hang up and escape the whole unpleasant situation. And I often hang up to her face. Again, I am a real-life person. Which means I am part good, part asshole. Earlier, when I used to live with them I would have to pay heavy price after every argument with my mother. She would never stop bickering. I am an overly sensitive person who reacts quite adversely to any kind of turmoil and the reaction would always go inward. So I would be hiding in my room with headphones on trying to escape the reality whilst a part of me getting a little more fucked up beyond recovery. Now I just hang up and step out on the bal…

Hair Story (Updated)

Do people really change with age? I don't know. I have always believed that the core never changes no matter what. Only that we shed the old skin at the end of every winter. Every spring it's a different pattern or silhouette. Like new fashion trend.
All my life I have been obsessed with the length of my hair. I was Della of The Gift of the Magi. My parents had kept my hair cropped until my tenth board exam. Logic? Long hair could be very distracting. So there was a trade off between an extra few inches and extra few marks. And for Indian parents the latter always wins. Unless you were born in a regressive, misogynist household where your judgmental mother fixes a girl's value by her ability to cook. Fortunately, my parents were more interested in my education and hence I would look like a malnourished boy until I passed the tenth standard. Puberty is a weird thing. Because it's not only physical but also hugely psychological. And one day I suddenly realised boys prefer…


Can I call my day trip to Kalimpong a long drive? Maybe it was not long enough. But it was definitely a respite from my super hectic schedules these days. I didn't know I was such a workaholic. Or perhaps I never enjoyed work before. But the drive to Kalimpong and back was refreshing. Not to mention the week after I was on a three days trip to Calcutta which wrenched the last ounce of life out of me. God I hate my Calcutta H.O.
I once made a mini promise to someone that I would visit Kalimpong only after having finished a book on Kalimpong he had given me. Bastard never kept his promise so I guess I was free to break mine. However, still most part of the town is yet to be explored, especially the monasteries.
The centre of Kalimpong town is not pretty. It's too congested and dingy and a hell lot warmer than Darjeeling. But as we moved towards the periphery the stores and lines of houses began to disappear gradually. The terrain got steeper and greener. It had started to drizzle …

For Asifa

Why do we write blog? Of course to use it as a medium to express ourselves. Some people, however, prefer to take the superficial (and safe) path and their blogs depict a fairy-tale world and they are the nice protagonists of it whose life revolves around all things pretty and politically correct ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
Well, I am not a nice person. And even though my profession and designation demand me to be politically correct, more often than not, I am not. And despite feeling tempted to rant about what all happened during my absence here, I must talk about this horrible feeling at the pit of my stomach first. After all, my blog is no fairy-tale land.
I don't watch news channel, or read the paper. Neither am I part of the Facebook herd. So I think I saw it on Instagram first. When I saw the gist of the whole incident I swear I froze for few moments. I am basically a selfish escapist so I did not dare to google further. I am obsessed with reading murder mysteries but I don't wan…

March Album


March has been hectic. Especially the last week of March when I had to go to work on weekend and persuade the treasury in a manner that might have bordered on flirtation. I never realized that I was an obsessive workaholic. Now when I think of it I had been a fanatical student as well. Only for past couple of years I had given up on everything. I had stopped loving life altogether. I hope I shall never have to go back to such horrendous phase ever again. Touchwood.
April has started on a positive note. A day trip to Lamahatta had been on the cards for long but it was getting postponed owing to a mismatch of schedules. Finally it happened on the April fool’s day. And it turned out to be such a good day that I couldn’t help but wonder if the universe was playing prank to me. But thank god nobody said ‘I love you’ to me. I would have jumped off the hills straightaway.
Nothing much to say about Lamahatta though. It’s just a small hamlet between Kalimpong and Darjeeling. The place didn’t yet…