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My body aches. The inside wall of my mouth feels like a dry well. Heart is banging its head on the bars of its mortal prison. I must set it free. Let it breathe. Offer it food and water. Tend to its bruises. I wriggle in my sleep clutching the bed sheet. I rub my lips on the pillow. Thin streak of blood leaves a brackish taste in my mouth.
I know ‘it’ is up from its sleep. It is oozing desire. I lick my lips with trepidation. It wants me to take a lover again. It doesn’t care who it is. I might bump into him on the stairs of a faraway monastery. Or see his shadow in the eyes of a little girl who speaks a language unknown to me. Or a dog I will meet at a roadside cafĂ©. It will wag its tail and lick my face. And I will feel his presence in its unconditional affection. He will come and join me at the dead of night. And listen to the symphony of Mother Nature. We will raise our glasses to the serenity of solitude. To the exhilaration of exploring the unknown. To the sheer beauty of imper…

For All Fellow Nerds

Quote of the Week

You don't know it yet but your ability to feel and to notice things that are beyond the reach of most people, is your gift. Sure, it will cause you lots of hardship and make you question whether you are meant to be here, it will undoubtedly make you question your worth and possibly lead to you decide countless times that the world would be a better place without you, but it is not so. The world has always had a surplus of talkers, but there has been a lack of people who feel; who plumb the depths of the soul and tell how much beauty there is in the world. You matter. It will hurt, and it will be frustrating, but believe in the notion that you do matter, because you do, and make sure that you let your unique insights and visions be heard, because the world needs them more than a thousand sports stars or socialites. You matter.

-- Tom Harvey on INFP

Skull Island and Biker's Cafe

During my two years at ISI I wasn’t one of the most popular people in the campus. The main reason was I used to keep mostly to myself. #introvertalert Apart from D, most of my ISIan friends came into my life long after we had all left the campus for good. P is one such friend. However, for past few years P has been busy completing his PhD in the land of Donald Trump and he is back in Calcutta after a long time. So the month of March has been the month of reunion for us. And we have been going on movie dates back to back. First Split, then Logan. Then last week it was Skull Island. The original plan was to spend an entire day together doing crazy stuff. But somehow we couldn’t manage to do that and we only got to spend half the day together. Lunch at Biker’s Cafe, movie, and then coffee at Chai Break before heading for home.
Skull Island is a good movie. Giant CGI gorilla and lizards are tearing apart at each other while a non-Marvel version of Tom Hiddleston is chasing them with gun …

The Innate Bengaliness

How much of a Bengali am I as a person? A question that often bothers me and a blog post was the most obvious and inevitable solution that I could come up with. Apparently people usually think I am a part of this convent educated, extremely westernised, wannabe clan of Bengalis who take pride in saying “oops my Bengali is a bit weak you know”. Correction – my Bengali is NOT weak. I had finished the entire collection of novels by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay during my 3 months vacation after 10th standards board exam. I could bamboozle you anytime with my Bangla vocabulary. But then why do I run an English blog instead of having one in my own native vernacular? I follow a Bengali blog and I know I can never write with that much poise in English ever in my life; unless perhaps I go for a formal degree course in English literature or something. So Bengali would have been a far easier choice for me. But then why did I take all the trouble? Firstly, I did not want my blog viewership to be…

20 Confessions

vI have phobia of escalators. And I hate it when people go all “Let me help you get rid of your phobia. Here, take my hand.” Bitch, I don’t want you to be my therapist. If you want to hang out with a fearless person then go out with Batman. vI am very good at reading people. Sometimes I use it to manipulate them a little bit. I know. Horrible. But amazingly fun. vI eat fallen foods off the floor all the time. Despite my mother’s repeated scolding. vAt any social gathering I can be found sitting quietly (read hiding) in the furthest corner with resting bitch-face while contemplating random things like what would happen if Deadpool joined the Avengers or who should play the next Wolverine. vI have always wanted to elope and get married in some obscure monastery or temple far off in the mountains. If one reason is my allergy to extravaganza then another would be my social anxiety. There is no way in hell I can handle so many people’s attention on me, scrutinising me, judging me. And no one l…


Red flows through our veins We make love with the blue Green monster sleeps in the spare room In the backyard The little yellow flame is all we have To walk through the Pitch black tunnel And then occasionally Everything turns shocking pink When love arrives At our doorstep Unhoped for.

Happy Holi, everyone. :)

Quote of the Week

Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it's unbelievable...

-- Roald Dahl | Matilda


I dream of us Sitting side by side In a pair of rickety armchairs Our feet dangling Touching the wooden floor You warn me “Silly girl don’t jump on it so much You will fall” My eyes twinkle But darling I have already fallen For you Head over heels You sigh in mock despair That earthy heart of yours Giggles secretly I am reading my favourite love sonnets By Neruda You are looking out Your bovine eyes are grazing The curves of dazzling Kanchenjunga Neither of us is uttering a single word Yet we know That this is the best conversation We have ever had In our lifetime
When the day gets older And the golden patch on the floor Moves away Leaving the feel of chill Hanging in the air
Mist begins to draw in
Over trees
And distant mountains
Time for everyone
To return Drape a blanket around me If I fall asleep Pick the book off the floor And place it on the side table Don't wake me up just I am finally home.

Happy Women's Day

Photoshoot / 2

Doing a photoshoot in the middle of the day at Victoria is no easy task. People will stare at you as if alien invasion is going on. Since both of us are quite stingy at giving fuck we had a good time despite the ogling of bystanders.

Quote of the Week

My confession is I fall in love with so many places I'm always half broken-hearted by goodbyes. And I don't believe in non-attachment. There's no passion inside of that. I believe in burning, and longing. And I believe we leave tiny pieces of ourselves in every place we've loved.

-- Victoria Erickson


More than lover More than friend The bond grows Beyond time and wall Beyond the connection of blood We are children of Zeus Born in the river of memory We sing with Euterpe Erato writes our love stories How many times Melpomene pulverised our world
Into nothingness? Yet Thalia has taught us How to smile back At life Through tears And dance in tune with Terpsichore While our Urania soul Plants galaxies in our womb To make room for Chaos Inside ourselves.


I went to watch Split on last Saturday and then again on Monday. Don’t ask me why. Second time the movie was just an excuse. And yet I have been struggling with this post for past three days. I am not a movie critic so I really don’t know how to write a proper review. My movie posts are usually about my fangirl moments or me spitting venom because I just didn’t have a good time watching it. I don’t know what to write about Split because of two reasons. One, I don’t know shit about Psychology. Second, I don’t think I am normal enough to discuss about mental disorders. So to cut the long story short, the movie was awesome. Well, I have a thing for the broken ones.
Kevin has 23 personalities. However he admits to his therapist that he has a hidden twenty fourth one that nobody has ever seen. Is he telling the truth? Situation gets worse when he kidnaps three girls and locks them in his basement. As per his claim the twenty fourth personality of his is coming to seek retribution. I was …