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Quote of the Week

When I was both young and na├»ve, I believed in anything, And you told me that the twinkling stars, Were tied up by a string, That the moment I had joined this earth. A brand new one was strung, And every night out there in space, My sparkling star still hung, As it rose I’d ask the wise old moon Which star up there was mine, Guessing at which point of light, My life had caused to shine, But nights are not eternal, Nor naivety or youth, And the world was quick to tell me, What I’d thought was not the truth, It wasn’t string that stopped the stars, From falling from the sky, And you didn’t get to untie yours, When you kissed this world goodbye, But I think there’s always some things, That pure knowledge can’t explain, And I’ll stick to what you told me, Though the world thinks me insane, For it’s hard to say what isn’t true, And see clearly which things are, When on the night you slipped from earth, I saw a shooting star.
-- Erin Hansen

Social Vegan


So it is finally over. We will no longer have to wait eagerly for another season anymore. Sherlock has solved his final problem. He got his friend back. He got his family back, all of them. Mary went home. As a fan I could not help feeling resentful about only three episodes on last season. They could have made five at least. Both Moffat and Gatiss had already warned the fans that this season it was going to get darker. Yet I wasn’t prepared for it. You know which one I am referring to. Yes, the end of the first episode. I was so shocked that I had gone into denial mode headfirst. No no it can’t be possible. It’s a trick. She is going to come around in the next one. You might think I am a stupid, emotional nerd but even my twenty years’ senior colleague felt the same way. And he hasn’t even watched the last two episodes. But he is full of conviction that she is coming back. Poor him. I did not feel like bursting his denial bubble.
I am a huge Cumberbatch fan. Whenever he is on screen…

Quote of the Week

"When I'm really into a novel, I'm seeing the world differently during that time -- not just for the hour or so in the day when I get to read. I'm actually walking around in a bit of a haze, spellbound by the book and looking at everything through a different prism."

-- Colin Firth


This week has been one of the most distracting weeks for me in the past decade. I don’t remember when was the last time I interacted with so many people at the same time. And that was not just at work or in the virtual land where I have suddenly gone ‘viral’. Even at home this has been a pretty chaotic week. My brother coming into my room all the time asking for help with his study. My mother screaming her head off proving step by step what a great, shameless manifestation of mistakes my life has been so far. Although there is nothing new about the last one.
I am not a people’s person. Not at all. The proper functioning of my mind is negatively correlated with the number of people I deal with per day. So it is one of the greatest ironies of my life that I radiate a massive amount of magnetism despite my innate reluctance towards humans in general. They either end up loathing me or being crazy about me. There’s no middle path. Always. And without a fail. I don’t know why it happens li…

Quote of the Week

I was blessed with this curse
This curse of reading people
before they even spoke to me
not like a psychic just a master of vibes
It is absolutely terrifying
to sit down with someone
and know they are
going to hurt you
before they even open their mouth

-- Randy Mascorro


I remember the day, exactly a year ago. I think I saw it online first. On my google news update feed. Alan Rickman is no more. The 70 years old British actor finally gave in to the battle with cancer. And somehow what I saw in my head was a sallow faced, aquiline nosed man in black robe lying against a glass window. His long sleek hair is falling over his eyes. He knows the inevitable is waiting at the doorstep. And he is really exhausted. Exhausted of getting hurt by his dear ones. Exhausted of being hated and humiliated the entire life. Exhausted of being misinterpreted. Exhausted of being caught in the middle of that thin strip where black becomes one with the white. And you thought Harry Potter alone was the hero of the story?
I cried the night Professor Snape left us. Death is inevitable and it is merely the transitional phase to the next life. Yet I cried. Even after a year I have a painful lump in my throat while writing this. But that's the beauty of true love, isn't …


No Comment Please

Few more months and my blog is going to complete three years which will make it the second most consistent thing in my life (first being my laptop). I cannot believe a scatterbrained, careless person like me could remain committed to one cause for such a long time. As per the google analytics, Rhapsody in Blue has a good number of readers unless I have a stalker ex-lover(s) who likes to read the same post over and over again. Quite surprisingly I have reached that number without having to promote ‘look-I-am-such-a-superior-intellectual-ass-person’ image to my friends and family. It's funny that they have not the slightest idea what a fucking bitch I truly am beneath that calm, icy exterior. But then I begin to wonder, seriously, who read my blog? Who are those nameless, faceless people behind the charts and traffic sources statistics? Do they enjoy what I write? Do they relate any part of it with their own life? Or am I just one more fucked up wannabe trying to live up to my own j…

Fate and Coincidence

Saras Mela 2016-17

Of all things what I enjoy the most about the short-lived winter of Calcutta is the handicraft fairs across the city. Unlike majority of Bengalis my political expertise is really poor and it borders on shameless opportunistic consumerism. So I can't comment on how fast the socioeconomic condition of Bengal is heading south and how detrimental these fairs and festivals are to that. I love them simply because they are shoppers' paradise.

Resolutions 2017.0

vChange my hair colour.At first I was thinking of getting a mix of peacock blue and purple highlights but then I felt it might be too much for my parents. So now I am thinking red or deep mahogany brown.
vGet two more tattoos.One I have already decided to get on my left forearm. Other I have not decided yet.
vFinish the Sikkim travelogue. It’s about time I face my fear and become the proverbial Batman. Nobody likes a pansy no-balls. Especially me.
vBe more consistent about reading.I managed to finish four books in November and then didn’t read a single one in December. That's what happens when you have Avengers or Game of Thrones marathon every alternate evening. You forget to read.
vBelieve in my intuition more.No matter how much I deny, this is a proven fact that my sixth sense never lies or misguides. It’s me who decides to neglect the nagging voice in my head or the knots in my stomach and ends up all fucked up big time.
vTry not to try too hard.More often than not I forget when it…

Quote of the Week

think of that:
in a sense I will be speaking again
just to you.

and remember this:
the page you are looking at
I once typed the words
with care
with you in mind
under a yellow light
with the radio

-- Charles Bukowski