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Quote of the Week

"Time is tricky. You have months, even years, when nothing changes a speck, when you don't go anywhere or do anything or think one new thought. And then you can get hit with a day, or an hour, or a half a second when so much happens it's almost like you got born all over again into some brand-new person you for damn sure never expected to meet."

- E. R. Frank

A Mountain in Tibet

If I am ever asked what my greatest enemy is, my answer would probably be procrastination. When I look back I see that the majority of my life I have spent contemplating (ok that is just a fancy word for lying in the bed all day and daydreaming about stuff that would never happen in reality) and pushing deadlines. Perhaps I like the last minute drama too much. I am a drama queen no doubt about it, even the internet quiz has concluded the same.

For past three months I have been meaning to write this post; but always getting hindered (read using stupid excuses not to write) by something – psycho stalker ex, career issues, little bit of tomfoolery here and there. So I have finally realised that if I didn't sit down and force myself into writing, this post was never going tomaterialise. Ok, this is basically a stolen wisdom; I stole it from my favourite blogger. So even at this moment I have no idea what I am going to write; but I am forcing myself to go on.

Charles Allen was born to Br…

Quote of the Week

"Then suddenly
you came
with your sun-heart,
your starry night sky-mind,
and you painted,
you wrote
all over my solitude.

The frozen land in me
became your rose garden."

- Anita Krizzan


I think I am more afraid of falling out of love than falling in it. You love someone so deeply yet one day it all vanishes into thin air and no matter how much you want to love them like before, you just can't anymore. As if the fire has died out. Once and for all. And you are suddenly left without a purpose. And the scariest part is, you don't know whether you will be able to love with the same intensity ever again. The subject of love is irrelevant here. And it is not exactly like losing memory either. Memory loss is like losing limbs. But losing the ability to feel the burning intensity of love? It's like going colour blind. Or not being able to smell the new pages of a book or the smell of rain. It is all there, but you can't reach out to them anymore. As if you have been condemned to a deadhole where you are cursed to live a life of eternity without soul.

It makes me mortified that your name no longer makes my heart pounding. I no longer feel the deep ache inside…

Quote of the Week

"You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts."

- Kahlil Gibran | The Prophet

Kahlil or Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese-American poet celebrated for his works in prose poetry. The Prophet is one of his few books that he wrote in English. This one also happens to be considered as his best work.


Do you know why we are always such in sync? Why I can read your ''hmmm'' and you can read everything in my ''nothing''? It is because darling, hundreds or thousands or perhaps millions of years ago, long before we were condemned to the human life of misery, our souls were part of one cosmic energy. We were one before we were not anymore. And before parting our ways, we promised each other we would meet again. Someday.

I have always looked for you, did you know that my love? I have looked for you in those who broke my heart. I have looked for you in those who breached my trust. I even looked for you in those who were good to me. But they were not You. Did you sense that something was calling out at you? Did you ever go to sleep and dream of standing in a meadow and a retreating figure in the horizon? I bet you did. You know I did.

And now we are here. I have finally found you. And I have kept my promise. I know you are not mine. You belong to someone el…

Friends I Made in Bhutan

I have read many times that Bhutanese are the friendliest lot. Honestly I can't vouch for the two legged ones. I barely got the chance to converse with many besides the monks and our driver Kenchen. I think monks are cooler than the regular people there. Well, being in the accompany of gods does have its own merits. On the other hand, the canine community was surprisingly friendly to us. Let alone bark, they never for once ignored our friendly attempt to have pleasant conversations with them. And it was absolutely delightful. So I hugged them, pouted with them, rubbed their bellies, patted them and brought back a bagful of wonderful memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Man's best friend anyone?

Captain America Civil War

I have found that something too close to my heart is always something most difficult to talk about. And that’s why I probably never have discussed a single Marvel movie here despite the fact that I’m a Marvel movie nerd. I have watched each and every movie at least 10 times (#understatementalert). Let’s not take into account the new Fantastic Four movie though. I was so pissed after seeing it that I had to blast it.
It says whatever you do always is followed by a consequence, sometimes several consequences – good or bad depends on where you stand. And that holds true even if you are an American citizen AND a superhero. No one is above their own Karma. But more often than not we find ourselves standing in that crossover zone between bad and good and we no longer know whether we are the heroes or the villains. Because, in real life there is no black and white – everything is painted in such morbid shade of grey that most of our life we spend trying to figure out which side we are on. We …


Happy Mother's Day

I remember I was once having a conversation with someone (no prize for guessing) and he was trying very hard to convince me why we did not belong together. Of his many ‘reasons’ one was that we quarrelled too much; there was too much friction between us – and that meant we were highly incompatible. I was too tired to argue with him as I already knew it was a lost cause. But then later it got me thinking whether he was right. And the face of a certain person flashed before my eyes. And I knew the answer.
My day starts with the sound of the yelling of that person. Believe me I have tried many alarm tones on my phones over the years; I tried to set them on maximum volume. I have kept the phone as close as possible to my ear so that I could wake up in time and not to run the last five minutes to reach the bus stop. But never have I ever found a tone so effective and so timely. One shout and I am wide awake.
How about that time when she strongly disapproved of my love interest (not to mentio…

Medieval Reactions describes Medieval Reactions as, "..the Twitter account we've been dreaming about forever. It takes medieval paintings and captions them with descriptions of UK nightlife and general 'first world problems'."

I do not have a social life whatsoever and I fall in the category of that large section of people who use internet to escape reality. I did not say this; this is a famous and most widely accepted conclusion of great many surveys on internet addiction by many psychiatric brigades and experts. So instead of going out and meeting flesh and blood humans I spend a considerable amount of time sitting in front of my laptop and moving about from one site to another - twitter, pinterest, instagram, google plus, tumblr, blogger.... And the list goes on. Places like pinterest and tumblr are just made for sociopaths like me who are fucked up to the very core. They are full of creative ideas and you will get to exercise your imagination to full extent. No on…


All memories are permanent
They get stored somewhere in those little cells  inside that complicated fucking thing called brain.  Some are dormant  Some are not.  Some walk around like lonely spirits  in the abandoned haunted house.  I too have been like a haunted house all these years.  A haunted house  who is in love with her resident ghost.

Pain Fetish

It is true that all hopeless romantics are sadomasochists in a manner of speaking.  We get hurt; yet we don't run from the pain.  We build a nest around our bleeding, gaping wound  and enjoy the agony of sweet nothing.  And then with time,  the suffering becomes a part of us -  a never extinguishing fire that burns the living shit out of us  but also keeps us warm in those darkests of nights  when life seems to have lost all its purpose.  We are nothing but a few naked bodies without our suffering.

With Love, from Bhutan

If you thought I was too busy soul searching and did not take a single photograph of myself in the entire Bhutan trip, well, then, you are wrong. I just did not incorporate them in the travelogue series because I did not want the reader's (if any :D) focus shift from the story itself. So here they are, right from the time at the airport till my Taktsang pilgrimage. I was too sad on the day of departure to take photographs. Also the awfully boring drive from Paro to Bagdogra took a toll on my mental health and I was looking like a middle-aged witch when I finally got to board the flight in the evening.

Quote of the Week

“I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled …”

— Jonathan Swift | A Modest Proposal

Jonathon Swift was the one who wrote the classic Gulliver's Travels - the amazing adventure story of Lemuel Gulliver that we grew up reading. Jonathon Swift was famous for his satirical style and A Modest Proposal is one of the fine examples of his works. It is not a horror or vampire story where the protagonists make culinary delights of human infants. A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick (yes, that's the full name) was published in 1729. It's a satirical essay that discusses the pros and the economic viability of selling poor Irish people's children as food to the rich people. At that time,…