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Weekend Rewind

Last weekend was a longer one, thanks to the assembly election. While the responsible citizens of Bengal sweating their head over the current socio-political turmoil of our beloved state and writing (third class) poetry and creating funny memes in order to fight corruption and incompetency through the overexerted social media; selfish, self-centred people like me are just happy to have gained some extra days off. As long as there is a fully functional solar system, India will always remain a corrupted, dishevelled, hypocritical nation. So let's dress up, go out, hit the pub and get drunk. Life is short and youth is even shorter. Let those ugly politicians pull each others' hair and scratch each others' eyeballs out.

I am not much of a foodie. So dinner dates are basically an excuse for me to dress up and go out feeling all sexy. People often ask me "Who do you dress up for? You don't even have a boyfriend." People are stupid. They will never be able to compr…

Into the Land of Thunder Dragon : Bhutan Travelogue - Taktsang Monastery

I am not sure how I would describe my irrepressible desire to visit Taktsang Monastery from the very first moment I came to know about it. Was it my devotion towards Buddhism? Was it the adrenaline rush that filled my veins at the mere thought of doing something as rigorous as hiking up to 3000 ft? Or was it just a desperate attempt to create some temporary purpose in my apparently directionless life? Whatever the objective might be, I am sure it was definitely not salvation. I don’t have that hope anymore. I have gone beyond help long time ago. Perhaps that’s why I no longer feel any guilt while committing or even thinking of something aberrant.
Every country, every culture has something of its own to represent its unique identity. India has got that colossal mausoleum made by an erratic, incompetent emperor in the loving memory of his wife who died giving birth to their fourteenth child. Why does it always have to be so ironic and hypocritical whenever it comes to India? Anyway. Takt…

Just a Reminder

To The Lost Soul

Break me. Break me some more. Shatter me until I become the star dust. Then I shall draw a constellation of me to light your way back home.

Quote of the Week

 “I would imagine being tied up and put in a haystack while someone put the dry, stale straw ablaze. I would picture it perfectly while rocking on my hand. The daydream was about struggling to get free while the fire burned hotter and closer. I am not sure if I came when the fire reached me or after I had imagined escaping it. But I came. I orgasmed on my hand to the dream of fire.”

—Dorothy Allison| Bastard Out Of Carolina

So I have decided to post creepy quotes for a while. Why? I don't know, really. Perhaps I am feeling a little creepy myself. I am a very creepy person. If you crawled inside my head and looked at my thoughts, you would run away and never wanted to look back in your life. But if you tune into the QOTW section for next few weeks, you will discover that I am not the only one whose 'normalcy' has been strangulated to death by one of those apparently 'balanced', 'good' people out there. My hat's off to those who not only have the balls (or …


The other day I was daydreaming (which I always do) and a thought occurred to me. Suppose in a post apocalyptic world I’m the lone survivor. Having survived my very own extinction I have nothing else to do but to roam about in the empty, deserted street filled with debris bearing sign of the mayhem that just took place. Suddenly I hear a faint scream. Upon looking for the source of the sound I discover that another fellow human trapped under rubble, still alive. I deliberately said human as the gender is irrelevant here. And no, that human is none of my relatives or friends. All are dead, hypothetically. (I studied Economics. We know how to use assumptions to our advantage.) And then my mind supplied the second twist in the story. There is a dog too, under the pile. And it too, is pleading for help. The third and the final twist. I can save, but any one of them. Then my mind turned to look me in the eye and asked the inevitable question. Who would you choose? Without any hesitation I…

Into the Land of Thunder Dragon : Bhutan Travelogue - Paro 2

Rinpung Dzong was rebuilt by Ngawang Rinpoche in seventeenth century. Earlier it’s much smaller version used to be known as Hungrel Dzong, built by Lama Drung Drung Gyal. Rinpung means ‘heaps of jewels’. It is said that most of the treasures stored at Paro Dzong were destroyed in the fire that took place in 1907.

Until now what I enjoyed the most in Paro besides the picturesque beauty was its absolute serenity. Number of (stupid) tourists was evidently much less here, and most of them were two fifty dollars gang. Dumb Bengalis were nowhere to be seen. However we spotted a South Indian group where the two females were wearing thick woollen gloves. The temperature must be in the vicinity of 15 degree Celsius that time. No comment.
We also visited the museum on our way but that place is hardly worth mentioning here. And you won’t enjoy the museum tour unless you are well conversant with Tibetan Buddhism. I had read the Tibetan Book of Dead and I could only just suppress my joy after seeing…

Into the Land of Thunder Dragon : Bhutan Travelogue - Paro 1

Paro town is about 50 kilometers from Thimphu. So we were not in a hurry to start early the next day. We wanted to take our time since it was our last morning in the capital city of Bhutan. So we got up early (early as per my definition), got dressed and went out to take a stroll about. Now we could fully comprehend how tight our schedule was – 7 days was not enough. And we wasted so much time visiting the commonplace tourist spots that we missed the real flavour of the country that is so unique from so many aspects.
Bhutan is famous for its colourful local handicrafts. We had already visited the handicraft bazaar yesterday and the entire sitting area of our room was bearing the evidence of my shopping spree. S was thankful that we had chosen the largest room. Who says there is nothing to buy in Bhutan? Bhutan is shopper’s paradise if you have the eye as well as enough money to spare. During my pre-trip research phase I had read that the postal stamps of Bhutan were great souvenirs to …

Quote of the Week

"Ah, but life is like that! It does not permit you to arrange and order it as you will. It will not permit you to escape emotion, to live by the intellect and by reason! You cannot say, ‘I will feel so much and no more.' Life, Mr. Welman, whatever else it is, is not reasonable!"
- Sad Cypress | Agatha Christie


The Love Birds

Into the Land of Thunder Dragon : Bhutan Travelogue - Punakha

Usually on a sunny day Dochula is the perfect place to experience the vista of mountains ensconcing Bhutan. However, our luck wasn’t so good. It was sunny but the entire range was covered under a thick blanket of cloud. All we had was a sneak peek of one of the peaks and made futile attempts to capture the moment in our cameras.
Dochula is famous for 108 Druk Wangyal Khang Zhang Chortens built in the memory of martyred Bhutanese soldiers killed in the battle against the Assamese insurgents in 2003. There is a monastery of the same name adjacent to the chortens built in honour of the fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Tourists are allowed to enter the main prayer hall, but forbidden to go further inside. No offense, but I had a feeling that the Bhutanese people are a bit paranoid about the outsiders. As an Indian, I can’t say I have much respect for my fellow citizens. Indians are famous for breaking rules and showing disrespect to even their own culture, so the paranoia is no…