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Resolutions 2016

This Leonardo meme would probably have sufficed to tell my whole story, but I couldn’t help extrapolating it a little more. I remember what I was doing on 31st December a year ago. I was sitting in front of laptop, contemplating my future, which was looking pretty bleak at that point. As the fireworks went off I could not help feeling a little resentful. God, am I the only one with a shitty life? No, I had nothing to go berserk about. I was regretting how I had wasted 2014 and how little I had accomplished so far. On this 31st December, I am still sitting in front of my laptop, rewinding the whole year in my head. My highs, my lows. My successes, my failures. My prudence, my mistakes. And somehow, I am feeling a bit less bitter. Well, just a tad less bitter than that of last year. But any progress, no matter how negligible it is, is still a progress. So I am definitely improving. I am gradually learning how to live. It’s a tough job and I am miserably lagging behind. But, nevertheles…

'Tis The Season!

This year, Christmas vacation has been a pretty hectic one so far and hopefully it will continue to be so till the next month. Can't complain though; sometimes you need to sacrifice your short run in order to secure a happier long run. And I have always been one of those people who like to focus on the bigger picture. Nevertheless, winter is here. And to me, winter means great food, wearing lots of winter clothes and taking as many siestas as possible.  Wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The Love of a Psychopath

Think a million times before chasing a psychopath. Think a million times before leading them on. Because if they fall for you, it will change your life forever. A psychopath's love is like the hellfire. It will cause catastrophe. It will destroy you. It will you burn into ashes. It will leave you into multiple minuscule pieces of you that you did not know existed before.

It will also purify your soul.

Mastani by Kusum Choppra

No this is not the movie review. This is a book review that the movie is probably based on (I am hoping so at least). However, my motivation behind buying and finishing this book has definitely rooted from the buzz created by the latest Bhansali epic drama which is releasing today.  A beautiful, warrior princess madly in love with Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I or more popularly known as the Black Prince. Mastani earned my deepest admiration in no time. And before I knew it, I was googling madly, hoping to find and gather the complete history of perhaps one of the most remarkable woman of Indian history who has been sent into the oblivion quite deliberately.

Mastani by Kusum Choppra is probably the only available book that throws some light on the tragic tale of the Bundella Princess and Peshwa. Kusum Choppra has been researching about the history and legends about Bajirao and Mastani for past two decades and this book is a fruit of that extensive effort. The book is not a boring history n…

Being an HSP

"Kuheli, I wish you weren't this short tempered."
"Kuheli, I wish you weren't this emotional."

"Kuheli, you cry way too much."

9.05 pm: *Laughing the ass off at pinterest joke*
9.30 pm: *Crying the fuck out over narcissistic ex-boyfriend*
10.01 pm: *Busy swooning over Jon Snow*

*Spends a week thinking whether to buy those new pair of shoes or not as if the universe's future depends on it*
*Buys the shoes anyway*
*Comes up with a million other ideas to spend that money more wisely*

*Cries over random dead people and stray puppies and posts their obituaries while pondering over the fragility and uncertainty of life*

"Kuheli, you think way too much."

"I wish I never came into your life."
"It's complicated."
"Kuheli, be practical and try to find happiness within yourself."

*Hero worships Hannibal Lecter and Loki and fantasizes about them all the time*

"You are crazy but I love you anyway."
*Swears to sacrifice…

Quote of the Week

"There's no such thing as ruining your life. Life's a pretty resilient thing, it turns out."

- Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is the author of the famous 'Shopaholic' series, the most popular of which is the first part, viz. 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. The series is loosely based on her own life. Sophie Kinsella is only her pen name though. Her real name is Madeleine Wickham.

p.s. One particular person in my life would be very happy if he saw this quote. He would be like, ''Kuheli, I told you so.'' It would help him get rid of his huge burden of guilt I guess. Well, whatever helps you sleep at night big guy.

Selective Amnesia

Something very weird happened last month. I got message from an old acquaintance I had lost touch with few years ago. Actually I lost touch with many people since I closed my facebook account, and I did that on purpose. So technically, I have been living in a state of self-imposed exile for quite some time. I cannot say that I miss those people though. Well, I hated, despised, loathed most of them and I cut them off voluntarily. This helped me de-clutter my life and I am now left with only those who really matter. Having one's heart torn into pieces does make one wiser.

So anyway, even if I have almost vanished from the so-called social platform, some people still somehow find a way to reach me. It would be quite obvious to say that all these 'enthusiastic' people are quite inevitably, male. I know this guy from the days of my (highly unfortunate) tryst with a famous business school of India. He was one of those many who had no other job but to pursue women around them wi…


So I went out after a LONG time. To be more precise I went out after a long time with no nagging issues inside my head. Well, somehow I always manage to have some unresolved issues in my mind eating me up one bite of me at a time. But now my life has been so empty and yet so turbulent for so long that I hardly notice it any more. In fact, I would feel rather ill at ease and dumbfounded if, say, one fine morning I discovered my pains were suddenly gone. That would be some pretty fucking awesome magic. But alas, where is Professor Dumbledore when I need him the most? To teach me how to find the light amidst all the darkness and hopelessness?

Hence my awesome wardrobe and my regiment of boyfriends come to the rescue. No, not friends who happen to be male. The gang of men I flirt and fool around with. Oh the world is my pooled imperfect substitutes of Tom Hiddleston.

Fuck this shit.

A Cognizant Comeback

After two months of stress and immense mental ordeal, I am back to normal life again. Or am I? Have I ever been normal in my life? Well, that's a question that needs some serious pondering. Anyway. As I have mentioned earlier that I have been under-nourished, under-slept and over-stressed all this time. I might have lost a few kilos. I was looking super skinny yesterday in the mall mirror. And even my skinny jeans which I have a hard time getting into and out from, have become a bit loose. Anyway. I like being skinny. Being skinny has its own fringe benefits. I cannot express in words the extent of my joy I feel when I smoothly fit into that small place on bus or auto. Although I cannot help resenting obesity when I get sandwiched between two fat people.

For last few years, my life has become a journey to a plethora of realisations. The best cognizance that I had in years is that, the less you communicate with the (stupid) people around you, the more you have time to soul searchi…

Just Like That



What happens when one’s repetitive mannerism outgrows the person himself? In Imtiaz Ali’s case, Tamasha happens. The signature Imtiaz Ali style is so evident everywhere in the movie that sometimes the audience may wonder whether she is watching a brand new movie or simply revisiting a garbled version of Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal and Highway; all mangled and mixed up together. Only less cute. Because the element of surprise and freshness are gone after repetitive applications of the same formula. Confused youth? Yes. Family trouble? Yes. Nostalgia over the past? Yes. Non-linear narrative? Yes. Girlfriend-boyfriend trouble and problem of selection? Yes. Travelling as a means to self discovery? Hell yes! Then what’s new about Tamasha?
Don’t get me wrong here. I love Imtiaz Ali’s movies. I love the man himself. Oh god those sexy long mane and those twinkling eyes. And the fact that he does not make dumbass movies like Rohit Shetty. But while watching Tamasha I could not help…

The Compulsory Repugnance

Found on

Ab Tohe Jaane Na Doongi: Bajirao Mastani

Ab tohe jaane na doongi Ab tohe jaane na doongi Sautan si ye rann hai aayi Sautan si ye rann hai aayi Ab tohe jaane na doongi.... Prem barsao sang so jao Jaane na doongi Ab tohe jaane na doongi
(Darling) I won’t let you go now I won’t let you go now This battle has come (into our lives) like your other wife I won’t let you go now Shower thy love upon me, sleep with me I won’t let you go I won’t let you go now

Kuchh bhi na boloon aisa kar jao Honthon pe mere honth dhar jao Sukhwali rut jaane na doongi Prem barsao sang so jao Jaane na doongi Ab tohe jaane na doongi
Do something so I don’t get to blabber on Touch my lips with yours I won’t let this happy moment escape us Shower thy love upon me, sleep with me I won’t let you go I won’t let you go now
Ek hai mannat ek hai dooya Dono ne ishq ki ruh ko hai chhua Daayen se padh ya baayen se padh Farsh se arsh tak ishq hai likha Naa jane na jane na na jane na doongi Ab tohe jaane na doongi Ab tohe jaane na doongi......
One wish one prayer We have both touched th…