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Writer's Block

For past few weeks I’m not feeling like writing. I am also running out of ideas. Maintaining a blog isn’t easy, especially when you are too ‘talentless’ to spend 1000 words on the staying power of your new lipstick or how confident and flirty you are feeling in your new dress. Well, I’m too cynical and snobbish to do that.

I hate having writer’s block. I love to write so much, it is the only outlet that I have. I hate it when that outlet gets jammed temporarily. The words beginning to get all jumbled up inside my head. They scream and pound against the inner wall of my skull. I can hear them, ‘Come on! Let us out!’ I feel like telling them, ‘Yes yes I want to. Trust me I really want to. I’m trying. But I can’t!’ I start to feel so helpless. As if I’m suffering from a sleep paralysis. A big, dark, ugly shadow is approaching me but I cannot run away from it. I cannot move my body. I cannot even move the tip of my finger. I know I must wake up. It’s all just a nightmare. I have to wake …

20 Reasons Why Charles Bukowski is My Man



Quote of the Week

She believed, of course... Because without something to believe in, life would be intolerable.

- Rosamunde Pilcher | The Shell Seekers

Rosamunde Pilcher is an English author famous for her contribution in the drama/fiction genre. She served the Women's Naval Service from 1943 to 1946. Her first book was published in 1949 by Mills & Boon under the pen name Jane Fraser. Later she started writing under her real name. In 1996, her romance novel Coming Home won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by Romantic Novelists' Association. She currently lives in Scotland.


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Quote of the Week

You may not know
the reason why,
for a time
I wasn't I.

There was a man,
who came and went-
on him every breath
was spent.

I'm sorry I forgot
all else-
it was the most
I ever felt.

-Lang Leav | The Most

Things I'm Currently Loving

Organic skincare products.

I was reading an article the other day about the difference between organic and herbal products It says how it is safer to use organic products as their productions are heavily regulated in India, as opposed to the herbal ones. Neev is an organic brand that I never used before. I am loving the face wash and the cream. They smell of herbs and spices which is very refreshing. The kajal is made of sesame oil and it gives a nice cooling effect after applying. So far so good.
Colourful scarves.

I use scarves regularly, thanks to the dirt and pollution of Calcutta. I have quite a good collection of scarves and these are a recent addition to that. Quirky and colourful prints never fail to grab my attention. The little bird and the flamingo ones are thrifted off the street of New Market for 100 bucks each only. The South Park one is an online purchase. It was love at first sight.
Candy coloured hair clip.

Another New Market treasure hunt find. I will not say it is …

Weekend at Mocambo

Established in 1956, Mocambo was independent India's first night club, the glory of Park Street. Mocambo and its sibling Peter Cat were insignia of cosmopolitan Calcutta along with many other famous Park Street restaurants like Sky Room or Moulin Rouge. Having dinner at Mocambo used to be considered as a symbol of aristocracy. Mocambo was designed by a German architect and it used to have an Italian chef who designed its sumptuous continental menu. A 17 years old chanteuse named Pam Crain used to give live performance accompanied by Anton Menezes' band. However, gone are the days when Park Street used to be synonymous with the aristocratic class of Calcutta. Nowadays one can spot north Indian middle aged woman in ill fitted maxi dress carrying fake Chanel bag devouring prawn cocktail or some cool young manchild in shabby half pants feeding tutti frutti to his female companion dressed up like a hooker. Mocambo as well as the entire Park Street had lost the quintessential cosmop…

Flood Tide

1948: A ship carrying mysterious Chinese cargo sinks in an unknown location without a trace. 2000: Our hero Dirk Pitt goes on a vacation to a boathouse and gets involved in a bedlam with Chinese shipping tycoon and smuggler Qin Shang.
And the story begins.
Like most Dirk Pitt adventures, Flood Tide also has foreign evil forces conspiring against America. In this case, it’s the Chinese. Personally I am not too fond of the country myself (check the sidebar of my blog to know why); hence I did not mind reading about their defeat no matter how fictitious and tattletale it sounds. On the other hand, America is full of patriots and virtuous men who would bust their asses for the sake of humanity.
The characters in Clive Cussler novels speak with each other in a very superficial, sarcastic manner even in the moments of dire crisis, which makes the characters barely credible. They are always using idioms and catchphrases and after a while it gets really annoying. Seriously, who talks like t…

A Note to Self

Quote of The Week

"He admired my melancholy madness and said it was graceful and beautiful. But it was neither of those things. I was a hurricane at the centre of a collapsing, burning building; and I wasn't someone to be admired at all."

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The Fantastic Four

The reason why I am writing a blog post about a movie two weeks past its release is because I wanted to blast it badly. Yes, that's the honest confession. I had started hating the concept of this movie even before it was released. I hated its 'contemporary' concept. I hated its stupid cast. I hated the director's risky game to play and experiment with a pop culture classic with such outright impertinence.

In this movie all four characters are very young, but exceptionally talented. Reed Richards is a genius school kid who gets picked by Dr. Franklin Storm. He happens to be the father of Sue Storm and Johnny Storm. Victor Von Doom who is known as the nemesis of The Fantastic Four is also a part of Dr. Storm's 'Building a spacecraft to the other dimension by a bunch of school kids' project. He also has a crush on Susan Storm. Ben Grimm is Reed's best friend from school. Johnny Storm is Sue's younger brother who joins the project after his father thre…

Santa's Fantasea

I am the kind of person who lives in complete denial and always emphasizes on the good things about life. I do not prefer to read newspaper; nor do I watch the news channels. Because I know whatever is happening around the world will jeopardize my rock solid faith in true love and compassion and humanity. I do not want to know about IS terrorists or sex trafficking or mother killing her daughter. See? I still can’t escape reality. The world is a tough place for people like us to survive.
Anyway. The reason why I rambled on about my stupid nature is just to tell my readers that I only read the tabloid supplementary part of the newspaper, where life takes the fun and frolic route only. However I do not follow the section where ‘genY’ people pose for the camera looking like whores and metrosexual morons partying at ‘cool’ nightclubs. My most favourite sections are Movie (strictly Hollywood) and of course, Food. I read about Santa’s Fantasea about a month ago and immediately fell for the…