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Quote of The Week

'After all this time?''Always.' Said Snape.
There are Cinderella and her Prince Charming, who met, fell in love and then lived happily ever after. There are Romeo and Juliet, who did not want to live without each other and killed themselves in order to protect (?) their undying love for each other. There are Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, who fell in love in the process of loathing each other. There are Hazel Grace and her Gus, who fell for each other despite knowing the inevitability of oblivion.

And then there is Severus Snape.

Severus Snape. A sallow skinned, thin lipped, hooked nosed, ugly, mean, brooding man who spent his entire life sacrificing his everything for the one woman he had always been in love with. The woman who never loved him back, who did not care to protect her childhood friend, who married another man. I have read fairy tales. I have read Jane Austen novels. I have watched Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. But never have I come acros…

The Centaur

I was born on the 25th morning of some November month. As per western astrology, the sun was in the constellation Sagittarius during that time of the year. Therefore I became a Sagittarian from that moment. I became one of ‘God’s lucky children’, I became a centaur. No, the purpose of this post is not to debate on whether the theory of ancient astrology is full-proof or not. I hardly have any knowledge on this topic to start a debate. Nor am I an advocate of superstition. People, who know me closely, are well aware of the fact that I rebuff to follow any sort of rituals, norms or customs. I was born to Hindu parents. I am officially a Hindu till date, but my view on religion or god matches more with that of Buddhism. I am basically agnostic and I don’t believe in many popular Hindu customs. The logical side of me does not want to believe that a person’s fate is written on the stars. Life is an unpredictable journey itself. But as I have said, I am a centaur. There is hardly one singl…

Quote of The Week

Always say yes to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say yes to life - and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.
-Eckhart TolleEckhart Tolle is a spiritual author and a public speaker from Germany. He used to suffer from suicidal depression until the age of 29. Then one day he had an epiphany and he went through a spiritual transformation. In short, he simply changed the way he used to look at life and became an enlightened person who embraced life with all its beauty that's hidden within its unpredictability. He is the author of many bestsellers like The Power of Now, A New Earth, Stillness Speaks etc. I am not going into the debate on how useful and 'practical' his teachings are in real world. Indeed, today's world has become a little too 'practical'…

Things I Don't Give Shit About

1. Politics. The most irrelevant and unnecessary thing that has been inflicted upon the mankind. You want to bring about change in the society while sitting at home debating over coffee? Well, good luck with that.

2. Religion. The most ancient and unequivocally the most effective and the easiest way of causing mayhem.

3. 1001 things a 'good girl' must preach and practice. Go fuck yourself.

4. Almost 86.67% people who are present in my life in some way or other. Well, I am busy that time giving shit about the rest 13.33% which includes my dogs as well.

Jeans: DIYed distressed.
Tshirt: Roadster
Ballerinas: Thrifted
Ghau box pendant: Gangtok

The Lonely Puppy

A little puppy has recently been born in my neighbourhood. Unlike most cases he happens to be the only offspring of his single mother. Therefore quite naturally he does not have any playmate and spends most of his time either tailing his mother or snoozing on the roadside. I sometimes feed him biscuits while passing by. Whenever I approach him, his eyes light up and his ears spring upwards. He acknowledges me by wagging his tiny tail or laying on his back spreading his legs so that I could scratch his tummy. Quite honestly, every time I look into his eyes I feel like crying my eyes out and I have to control this very powerful urge of lifting him up in my arms and stride towards home. Not to mention I already have a small regiment of dog in front of my house whom my father has named as my 'brethren'. A few days ago, I asked my mom if I could bring the puppy home. She answered very quietly, 'Over my dead body.' I just wish I could give him a home.

Darjeeling - Last Part

The last three days in Darjeeling were pretty mundane. The seven point sightseeing turned out to be a big disappointment. Only the zoo was the most interesting part. We spend quite a lot of time their observing animals and birds of myriad species found across the Himalayan region. I spent a lot of time loathing fellow tourists catcalling at the animals. These bloody morons think if they just make stupid sounds to attract the attention of the animals they will come up and pose for them as per their convenience. I felt like throwing them into one of the cages and catcalling at them instead to see if they posed for us.

We skipped the Mountaineering Institute owing to sheer lack of interest. The ropeway journey was undoubtedly the most painful part of the entire trip. There was a long queue and we already got the tickets before realising how long we had to wait till our turn would come. The ticket cost Rs. 350 per person. Some asshole who was standing behind us, somehow tricked his way u…

An Untitled Post

The best thing about being alone is, you get to reflect a lot, without having the fear of being judged
Just when I thought you couldn't overthink more, huh
However, loneliness is a very normal part of my life nowadays. And I have realised I am becoming more and more reluctant of maintaining meaningless acquaintances that do not serve me emotionally. If one had a closer look at my whatsapp contact list, they would be surprised to see almost 90% of the people there fell into the 'blocked contacts' category. No, I did not block them out of hatred; nor did I do it because I needed plenty of time to wallow in self pity than socialising. I just don't feel the urge to engage myself in unnecessary conversation with people, that's all. I am not complaining, or suggesting that people are evil or that they don't care about me. I know only a few care, rest are just curious. I know I am not an indispensable entity in their lives; they would probably stop missing me from t…

Darjeeling - Part 3

Wake up wake up...
It felt like a sound coming from very far away. As if someone singing their throat out. Oh god, somebody make him stop. It's irking the hell out of me. But I had no idea how to make it stop. As if the sound was floating around me, although not very clear.. I stirred. Whoosh. A splash of cold water hit my back where my shirt had been rolled up backward. My eyes flew open and I realised in a moment it was not water, but the cold air made its way through the tiny opening between the blanket and the bed. It took me a few moments to figure out where I was. Soon it dawned on me that I was lying on my hotel bed and my phone was ringing in the same, annoying tempo as the alarm had gone off. I held out my hand under the blanket to turn the singing voice off. Damn! It's freaking cold. I squinted, it was still pitch black outside. My mind was still foggy from the sleep. What the hell the alarm went off in the middle of the night for? Suddenly I remembered today was th…