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Darjeeling - Part 2

Next day we were supposed to go on sightseeing around the town, but we cancelled it and chose to roam around by foot.
The sky was clear and sunny and there was chill in the air. Our first plan was to pay a visit to Keventer's, the famous restaurant of Darjeeling. It was just across the street from out hotel and we decided to have breakfast there.

The place opened at 8 and when we entered it was almost empty. There was a counter on the ground floor and the restaurant was on the first floor. We headed to the stairs. There were two types of sitting arrangement. You could either sit inside or outside in the terrace. People mostly preferred the terrace due to the breathtaking view and free sunbath. We went out to the terrace and occupied a large table. The tables and chairs appeared to be very ancient as they were made of iron and were quite heavy. Due to clear weather, we could spot Mt. Kanchenjungha quite easily. She was sparkling under the bright sunlight. Very soon our order arri…