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"Did you ever feel so lonely that it curdled your blood in fear?""Yes. Every moment I spent with him. Every night I slept with him. Every chat I shared with him. I never felt so lonely, so terrifyingly alone in my entire life. I never knew a person could terrify you so much by doing nothing; he could make you feel so small as if you didn't exist. As if he hugged me and emotionally abandoned me at the same time. And the worst part is, I let him.

Darjeeling - Part 1

The holy trinity of middle class Bengali's holiday destination is called Di-Pu-Da. Digha, Puri and Darjeeling. Or it used to be so before 5D-6N Thailand trip for 40k came into existence and Bengali tourist has overnight become the 'phoren' explorer.
Of Di-Pu-Da I have visited Digha countless number of times. At one point, it was my family's favourite weekend destination. Oh we have three days leave this weekend? Lets go to Digha and relax! I got to 'relax' so much during my entire teenage that Digha became a phobia to me. I have never seen a more boring and barren beach in my life. Our next member of the Trinity is Mr. Pu or Puri. I had been to Puri only once so far (thankfully). I was only ten years old back then. My parents decided to spend a long, lazy (read, sinfully boring) vacation in Puri. My brother was only three so he does not have very clear memory of the trip. But for me the only thing that got imprinted on a ten year old's mind was the cremato…

On The Holiday, Unrequited love and Confessions of a Silly Girl

Have you ever come across a movie or literary character and jumped out in amazement, 'Whoa! That's totally me!'? It is not surprising though. After all, all stories are taken from life only When I first watched The Holiday, I could not relate myself to any character though. But back then, I was a happy soul. Filled with all sort of positive energy and hope and dream. The sad opening monologue of Kate Winslet did not create any impression on me. Or Cameron Diaz's paranoia towards love and men did not haunt me much. The Holiday was like any other good romantic movies to me. After a long time one fine evening I thought of watching that movie again. Now my readers, you must take note that by that time I was remotely not the same person that I used to be a year ago. Now my soul looked like the chain smoker's lungs from the scary anti smoking campaign. This time the monologue hit me like a thunder. Now I know what unrequited love is, and how it feels to be in the most b…

Time machine

Meera was surprised to find how a song could bring back so many memories. She was not prepared forit. Meera was very much the emotional type, yes; but no one could ever blame her for being a sissy. She knew how to bury her emotions. But today was a different occasion. Like every day she had gotten up in the morning and went to take shower before heading for office. Meera loved to play music on her phone while taking bath. It helped her to wash away the last tress of sleep off her eyes. Today she chose a different playlist; she chose the songs she had found yesterday after a long time. She just realized everything was coming back to her at once and she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. Memories that she had kept away locked carefully at that dusty corner of her mind that she wouldn’t dare herself to visit. Longtime back, she read somewhere that music led one’s brain cells to get excited following a particular pattern. The pattern was exclusive for each song one came to hear in their …