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West Sikkim Travelogue - Last Part

Yuksom is a small village in West Sikkim in the Geyzing subdivision. The history of Yuksom dates back to 1642 AD when it was established as the first capital of ancient Sikkim by Phuntsog Namgyal. Phuntsog Namgyal was the first Chogyal or King of Sikkim. The word Yuksom in Tibetan means, ‘the meeting place of the three wise monks’. Three monks or Lamas had come from Tibet who selected the first king of Sikkim and gave him the title Chogyal.
Our trip to Yuksom was a half day trip. We started in the morning after having breakfast at the Lotus Bakery (I have decided to dedicate a separate post for this place). Our first stop was at Rimbi Rock Garden. The trail leading to the main part of the garden was completely destroyed and wiped out. The driver said it was the work of a massive flash flood that had taken place around last October.

After spending some time there, the car started again. It was a bright sunny morning with a slight chill in the air. We were both feeling refreshed and anima…

West Sikkim Travelogue - Part 3

Next morning we left Kaluk and headed for Pelling. I was feeling really sick, due to my hangover from last night’s heavy drinking and eating. We had lots of local wine and Chhang along with pork momo, not to mention the heavy dinner afterwards. Chhang is a local drink which is almost similar to light beer. It is served in a big glass made of bamboo and it is drunk with a straw. It is served and drank warm. After the checking out formalities were done, Krishila, our host wrapped yellow stoles around our neck as a farewell gesture. We told them we would come again. On the way we stopped at a few spots. The Bermiok rock gatden was built around a small waterfall. The view was beautiful as usual but nothing special to see around. There was a giant Dharmachakra in the midst. The trail leading to the top of the garden was broken at places and the rocks were quite slippery. 
Dentam valley is small picturesque village where the alpine cheese factory is situated. There was nothing much to see ther…