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West Sikkim - Part 2

Next morning I woke up with hangover of my previous day’s disappointment. I opened my eyes and expected to see a gloomy cloudy sky outside. My friends were already awake and sipping tea. I sat up on the bed and one of them said, ‘Go out on the balcony and have a look around,’ I ignored her (as I always do) and went to the toilet instead to freshen up. I was feeling really cold and the first sip of the hot tea felt like heaven in that chilly morning. They were still insisting me to go to the balcony. I replied, ‘I have no intention to see fog and cloud. I am already feeling quite melancholic. I guess we made a mistake coming here.’ She made a grumpy face and said, ‘Ok, just go out and see.’ I obliged and reluctantly opened the door and stepped out in the balcony. I can not quite describe the waves of different emotions that passed through me in a fraction of second. I went from being sleepy and sad to flabbergasted to happy to euphoric within a jiffy. And before I could realize it, my …

Movie Review: I

I know I was supposed to post the second part of my Sikkim travelogue but instead I have chosen to talk about this Tamil movie that I went to watch this weekend.
I have admitted many times that I have certain weakness over south Indian movies except Rajanikant. I love the way they adopt this very larger than life way of portraying life on screen. One hero is beating up thousand goons at once. Or hero and heroine are being reincarnated to finish off what they left behind in past life. And they always top it with some really amazing music. Not to mention the degree of hotness these heroes radiate. One might say, ‘Kuheli, aren’t you the same person whose most favourite movies are The Shawshank Redemption and The Dark Knight? How could you possibly enjoy such stupid movies?’ Firstly, I would say I have an amazing dual personality. I can watch Magadheera on Set Max and Harry potter on HBO simultaneously, without much effort. It’s really a talent how one can set their own moral standard to e…

West Sikkim - Part 1

When I first offered my proposal to my friends over phone, the general reaction was, ‘What? Ring chong pung?’ I corrected immediately, ‘Noo. Rin-chen-pong. It is in West Sikkim.’

For past few months I had been reading about this less explored heaven on earth on many travel forums and travelogues. At first my plan was to visit Dooars and to do some jungle safari, but then I changed my mind and enjoying cold during the first week of December on the lap of Himalaya while exploring monasteries sounded like a much better plan. We had booked our tickets to/from NJP/Bagdogra long back, but had not zeroed on the destination until mid November. My travelling usually starts 2-3 months before the actual schedule. When my mortal body is dragging itself off the bed and getting prepared for office, my mind has already started packing. Or you might think I am sitting in the office, doing mundane calculations on excel sheet with a grave face; but I am actually sitting on the balcony of the tourist lo…

Oudh 1590

After an appointment with Badshahi Angti last week and reading Lucknow travelogue on my most favourite blog, I decided to subside my Lucknow fever (only temporary) by paying a visit to the only place of Calcutta where Awadhi cuisine is available. Oudh 1590.
The restaurant is situated in the middle of a very calm and ordinary looking neighbourhood of south Calcutta. The size of the restaurant is so small you might miss to locate it unless you know the proper address. Last week when we had decided that unless or until we were tasting raan biryani, our purpose of existence was not nearly fruitful, not even close; we came to investigate the location so that next time when we were coming to eat here we did not have to waste any time wandering about in the area asking people 'Dada, Oudh 1590 ta kothaye bolte paren?'
I can remember locations like google map so it wasn't hard to find the place for us at all. The only problem was the taxi driver who refused to drive faster in spit…

Happy New Year

Last night when new year wishes started pouring in as soon as the clock struck 12, I was lost in my own chain of thoughts. Another year has gone by, but has my life changed at all since last year? What was I feeling at the same time last year? How much have I accomplished in this one year? How much have I changed as a person in this one year? How does the balance sheet of my life for 2014 look like?

2014 started on a rather bad note. Due to some personal reason I was totally devastated and shattered. The year started with a resolution of picking up the pieces and start over.

The first step to start loving myself again: take a Goa trip in March.

In April, we went to Sikkim, including North Sikkim. Visiting Gurudongmer was one of the best experiences of my life so far.

Got my second tattoo, this time on foot. It hurt like hell, but every one knows how crazy I am.

Then monsoon came to the city of joy.

Pujo came quite early this year. And it ended on a bittersweet note.

In November, we w…