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Merry Christmas

Wish every one all around the world a very merry Christmas. Let there be peace and no violence. No more child massacre or rape. Wish you all joy and happiness. :)

Outfit details:
Sweater top: Ann Taylor
Camouflage pants: United Colors of Benetton
Leather sling bag: Thrifted
Tibetan jewellery: c/o Sikkim
Wedge: Metro
Aviators: Fastrack

Sikkim trip: Outfit Series- Part 3

Pelling was REALLY cold during the first week of December. We literally had to put heaters in our a$$ to keep ourselves from being frozen to death. However the days were sunny and pleasant. Our day trip to Yaksum valley too was an amazing experience.

Outfit 1 details:
Sweater: Zovi
Jeans: Tokyo talkies
Shoes: North Star

Outfit 2 details:
Tshirt: Max
Vest: Thrifted
Buddhist prayer beads: Pelling

Next coming up my favourite part, the travelogue. Stay tuned.

Sikkim trip: Outfit Series- Part 2

This is what I wore on our way to Pelling. The temperature was falling as we were gradually approaching towards Pelling and I chose my favourite, and only one, J. Crew sweater for the day. The yellow scarf was given as a farewell gift from our hotel at Rinchenpong. I will talk about it in detail in my travelogue.

Outfit details;
Sweater: J. Crew
Vest: Thrifted
Jeans: Tokyo talkies
Shoes: North Star

Sikkim trip: Outfit Series- part 1

So my short West Sikkim trip is over. I had lots of fun and enjoyed the beauty of Himalaya like a mad explorer. I would soon post my travelogue as I simply love writing my travel stories. This time I have decided to post the outfit posts separately because I did not want to ruin the charm of my travelogue.
When I travel, I like to travel light, so my outfits during that period would be based mostly on my ability of permutation and combination. I travel and buy clothes on my own money and I give more importance to the exploration part, so you will never see me roaming around in inappropriate and stupid (because it does not go with the place at all, no offence to the poor designer) toga dress in a temple or in stilettoes in the middle of a desert. Anyway, here is my not-so-perfect documentation of what I wore throughout the trip. Today is part 1.

Outfit details:
Sweater: Latin Quarters (bday gift)
Jeans: Tokyo Talkies
Shoes: North Star
Scarf, Vest, necklace: Thrifted
Shades, bag: Via A…