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It's A Bittersweet Pujo This Year

So pujo is over. Ma Durga arrived timely, left timely. Another pujo has come and gone by. So many changes happen in this one year interval. New people come into our lives, so many leave as well. In my case, I have only lost people since my last pujo. This year was no exception. However, we had tremendous fun this year. Here are some moments.

Pujo was one day less this year. But that didn't affect us. We started our pujo from Panchami. We went for pandal hopping straight from office. On Shosthi, it was a night out with colleagues. We roamed around the city of joy whole night in a car, visiting pandals. Our city does not sleep during pujo, and this year we also stayed up all night with her on that day.

On Saptami, my bff and I decided to explore north Calcutta pujo. We started from Bagbazar and ended our jaunt at Sovabazar rajbarir pujo. We both love this part of Calcutta because this is where you can still find the true essence of old Calcutta.