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Happy Mahalaya. And some rewind..

First, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Mahalaya. Durga puja is knocking on the door, just one week is left. My vacation will be starting from this Saturday. I have done lots of shopping so far and you will get to see many outfit posts, if I don't procrastinate.
Last year on Mahalaya, Arnab(my colleague), Dhruba(my bff) and I had decided to meet up and visit Kumartuli. Kumartuli is a small neighbourhood in north Calcutta. It is basically a potters' quarter and most of the idols are made here. Kumartuli before puja is sort of photographers' paradise. People come from all over the world to catch a glimpse of the hustle bustle of this area just before puja. It was my first time visit there.
Enjoy our journey through the lens. I must thank Arnab and his technologically advanced camera. He took all my photographs. Rest of them were taken by me. He is an amazing photographer by the way.

Outfit details:
Shirt: wills lifestyle
Denim: levi's
Bracelets: thrifted…

Goa Travelogue Day 3

It was our last day in Goa. We wanted to explore south Goa before heading to the airport. We went to Basilica of Bom Jesus which was situated in Old Goa. Bom means 'holy' or 'good'. The basilica holds the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier, whose story has become a legend in Christendom. The church is more than 408 years old. If you want a guide to show you around the church, it will cost you a hundred bucks. Our guide showed us around and told us the long history of the church. I did not understand half of it because he was speaking too fast.

Later we went to Goa Archeological Museum which was just across the road. It is a part of the church of St. Francis of Assisi. It has a wide display of the portraits of viceroys and governors, sculptures, pillars and many objects that belong to the Portuguese period of Goa.

We also visited Dona paula and Miramar beach. Miramar was beautiful. It was the least crowded of all the beaches we visited.

Outfit details: Dress, hat: …

Goa Travelogue Day 2

Next day we decided to travel around the city, instead of hanging out in the scorching sun on the beach. So we hired a cab and went out exploring.
Our cabbie took us to the boat ride first. They were calling it the fun 'dolphin trip'. I can't swim, but nevertheless I feel excited and happy as a kid when it comes to fun water trip. The driver started the engine as our batch boarded the motorboat. It was a pleasant morning. Cool sea breeze was playing on our hair leaving them all unkempt. The March sun felt pretty strong on the skin, but occasional splash of water from the sea was bringing some relief. It was not exactly sea though, rather a peninsula of Mandavi river, where she plunged herself into the arms of wide Arabian sea.

The boat ride lasted for almost half an hour. On our way back we caught few glimpses of dolphins rising and then jumping back into the water in blink-and-you-miss moments.
Being a former Portuguese colony, Goa still has got a strong Portuguese influ…