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Goa Travelogue Day 1

One fine morning during the month of last February we decided for a quick weekend trip to Goa. We (read, I) were stressed out, depressed to death and hoping desperately for a change. And when it comes to refreshment, what could be the better destination than our good old beautiful Goa?
It was a long way from Calcutta to Goa; four hours flight. Ours was a one stop flight. Many people got off the plane in Mumbai and many more boarded. Now the entire flight was filled with tourists, both Indian as well as foreigners. When our plane finally touched the runway of Dabolim airport, it was one o' clock in the afternoon and 32 degree Celsius outside. Dabolim is a defense airport and photography is strictly prohibited there. But it is incredible India after all and we are even more incredible Indians. A middle aged man got severely scolded by an army man for clicking photos of the airport. Seriously, when will these people learn to respect rules and disciplines??
We had planned to stay nea…