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So it was a fine Sunday evening and we decided to go watch Manmarziyaan because of two people. Anurag Kashyap and Vicky Kaushal. Hopes were high. Enthusiasm was at its peak. When we were leaving the theatre I couldn't help but blurted out the one question that had been spewing inside my head for the past three hours. Was that a movie by the same guy who had made Gangs of Wasseypur and Dev D?

I never give spoilers while talking about a movie. Here I just don't care. Did you watch Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam? You must have. Manmarziyaan is a shitty 2018 version of that classic. Rumi (Tapsee Pannu) is a tomboy type girl from Amritsar. Ok, I don't understand why they always typecast her in such roles. She plays hockey. Drinks neat whisky. Sleeps with her commitment phobic, immature boyfriend Vicky (Vicky Kaushal) and tries to elope when her family fixes her marriage with gentleman NRI Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan). Asks her newly wed husband to stop the car to smoke cigarette on the …
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Gangtok Diaries/ 1

When you travel to the same place but with different people the experience turns out to be different no doubt. I have been to Gangtok so many times that I know the nooks and crannies of that town more than most people. But the experience varies. This time was no exception. Although not every experience are to be talked about out loud. Some are too personal. Let them remain so. Especially when there's no dearth of curious scavengers in my life. So just enjoy the photo journey, which is no less interesting, that I can guarantee you.

To be continued


Someone was asking me few days back why I am not so regular on the blog nowadays. Honestly speaking, there's no reason. I simply don't have anything to talk about so I don't feel like writing. Even the places I have been to lately (Gangtok and Ravangla) are mostly revisits so nothing new is there either. However the movie I saw this weekend was a new release and probably worth talking about. I wanted to watch Stree ever since I saw the trailers. Usually people don't mix comedy with horror much. So when the internet world was flooding with The Nun memes I thought of choosing the less intense path. I would rather watch a ghost story that makes me laugh and not weigh the pros and cons of going for a pee later at night.

The story is set in the town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. I have never been to the heart of India but the cinematography of Stree has made me put another name on my 'places to see before I die' list. Chanderi is pretty as a picture postcard. Its …

Ging Monastery

There's a Darjeeling beyond the facade of over-enthusiastic tourist culture, the cheap crowd of Chowrasta and and the political turmoil. The other Darjeeling still hasn't lost her unadulterated charm. The less explored nooks and crannies of her smell like the old, crispy pages of a long forgotten book. Ging Gompa is one such place of Darjeeling which hasn't been violated by tourists yet. Which is mostly because it is situated at about 10km from the town centre and the road is barely accessible by car.

It was one rainy Saturday Mr. B and I paid a visit to this ancient monastery that had recently been renovated after the earthquake of 2011. Sangchhen Thong-Delling Gompa was originally established somewhere around in 1760 after the foundation of Pemayangtse Monastery, the renowned Nyngmapa monastery in Sikkim. Later it was demolished owing to the outbreak of political turbulence in Darjeeling. It was re-established by the lamas of Pemayangtse in 1818. Till date it has been l…

Saree Story

Darjeeling has a Biswa Bangla outlet which offers great selection of sarees, gourmet food, perfume, and other collectibles. Of course local people don't buy anything from there. They would rather go buy overpriced Chinese crap. This saree was a recent purchase from that shop. It is made of mul cotton. Usually weather is here either too cold or too rainy and in between there comes those handful times when the days are actually warm and sunny. I utilise those days to my heart's content.
Little tip: Pair the saree with a tshirt instead of blouse to avoid looking like auntie ji.

Excuses etc.

When does a person not feel like writing? When they are too upset to give a damn. Or when they are quite the opposite of upset but there's so much going on in their life that they are just overwhelmed. Or that they can't write about what they want to so they just prefer taking a break. I guess it's all of the above in my case except the upset bit. Although a part of me is always on mildly annoyed mode. Work, office politics, unapproved bills, add to it my latest pain in the ass water shortage problem. And I have been going through so much (in good way, touchwood) for past two weeks that I hardly had the mental energy to write something. Then I did something quite unusual of me. I took an impromptu trip to Gangtok. AGAIN. But this trip was so much better than the last one. D was telling why I always chose to visit Gangtok instead of exploring other nearby places. She meant Dooars to be precise. No offense to Dooars and her, but nothing can beat the capital of Sikkim. Not t…

12th National Statistics Day in Darjeeling

Remember last time? We had celebrated the 11th NSD in Calcutta where we had nothing much to do except posing for my colleague's DSLR. This time the entire responsibility of the district was on me and I thought I would die of a stroke. I had to kiss many asses and make many compromises in order to make this day a success. You realise you truly have become the crazy office bitch with no personal life when you are more than compliant to whore around for the sake of your job. As the founder of my alma mater Prof. PCM would be so proud of me.